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Pirate Hat Soapworks

"The secret of my health is applying honey inside and oil outside."
-Democritus (460-370 BC), Greek philosopher and physician who reportedly lived to be 109

We here at Pirate Hat incorporate beeswax and honey into every bar we make and the results speak for themselves! The addition of these two ingredients and our proprietary recipie results in a very hard bar of soap with excellent lather, moisturizing and cleansing properties. These bars last as long as a commercial bar of soap and are so much better for your skin!

We typically try and carry 12-15 soaps at any one time and the list below is our current stock. As we rotate out of a particular soap we try and update this page with any new additions or out of stock notifications. Thank you for understanding and feel free to contact us.

Soaps are $7 each when bought

individually - 3 for $20 

Peppermint Passion A soothing symphony of cooling mint. Peppermint leaves for exfoliation and peppermint essential oils for a refreshing and invigorating experience after a day of play or work outdoors.

Coconut Kiwi - Coconut Kiwi scent brings a breath of the tropics into your shower. Ground oats are used for a gentle exfoliation and soothing of dry skin.

Sandalwood Biscotti - An enticing blend of Sandalwood with a hint of aromatic vanilla. A wonderful scent that will fill you with bliss every time its used. Oats finely ground for exfoliant.

Not Your Father's Bay Rum - A manly scent reminiscent of an old time barber shop which will bring back memories...and create new ones. Ground oats added for a gentle exfoliation and soothing of dry skin.

Double Honey - Natural Honey for bar hardness and sweet honey scent to double the experience. A crowd favorite. Ground oats  included for a gentle exfoliation and soothing of dry skin. And a thin line of activated charcoal for contrast!

Best of Both Worlds - Coffee Beer soap - Beer and Coffee...the best of Both Worlds! Run Aground Brown Ale from Florida Keys Brewing Company, Espresso ground coffee for color and exfoliation and café fragrance makes this the perfect all around soap, to remove food odor or simply exfoliate, whether used in the kitchen or in the shower. The caffeine also tightens and tones skin!

Luxurious Lavender - Lavender flowers for exfoliation and lavender essential oils make this bar a feast for the senses. Close your eyes and breathe in the calmness that is lavender and leave your cares behind.

Activated Charcoal Rosemary and Tea Tree - Made with Tea Tree  and Rosemary oils this soap uses activated charcoal to combat oily skin and smells and lathers great!!! Lavender flowers for a gentle exfoliant makes for a truly wonderful soap

Honeysuckle - Light, sweet and floral this will bring spring to your bath year round. A great bar of soap with no added exfoliants, smooth to the skin with a touch of Rose Kaolin Clay. Pamper yourself with this bar.

Lemongrass - Made with Lemongrass essential oil, we added Calendula flowers and Lemongrass for exfoliation. This soap has a fresh citrus scent and beautiful yellow for sunshine, green for the herb it is named for. Filling the shower or bath with a wonderful refreshing scent and leaving you loving your skin.

Nag Champa - From the Indian sub continent floral and earthy with passionate exotic undertones of vanilla and tropical foliage and flowers. Relaxing and calming with many beneficial olfactory properties.

Key Lime Verbena - Tropical and citrusy this soap will transport you back to the islands we call home.  This soap is light, bright and refreshing with oat exfoliation. An delightful soap to tickle your fancy.

Sweet Peach - Scented perfectly this soap will make you never want to leave your bath or shower.  This bar has a delicate blush of color this is a smooth bar that will delight your senses. 

Wanna Iguana - Made with Iguana Bait honey hibiscus Kolsch Beer from Florida Keys Brewing company and colored with ground hibiscus flowers this soap has a wonderful fruity light watermelon scent and appearance. 

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