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Florida Keys Wildflower Honey

The Wonderful weather and abundant plant life in the Florida Keys makes for a bee "paradise". They show their appreciation of this wonderful environment by producing some of the best honey in the world. Always raw and unfiltered the honey we produce at Pirate Hat Apiary is sure to add a taste of the tropics to your tea, coffee, or whatever treat you are using it on.

We harvest 3-4 times a year typically late spring, late summer, and then again in December for the fall Honey. Each season has its very own taste profile and these vary from year to year.

  • Spring honey is typically the lightest and most floral with local hardwood hammock trees and native plants contributing the largest part of this harvest

  • Summer is typically slightly darker and more complex with a hint of citrus owing thanks to the Black Mangrove, Jamaican Dogwood, Palm and Citrus which make up the lion's share of this harvest.

  • Fall honey is typically the darkest and has a rich flavor with a hint of spiciness owing to the large portion of Brazilian Pepper in it.


All three seasons are wonderful but not always available. We do at times sell out and may not have a specific season available in all sizes or not at all. Please call for availability. 

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Glass Jars

Chunk Comb

3 Season 4oz Muth

16 oz Muth

Travel Size

Specialty Honey

Smoked Honey small

Smoked Honey large

Chili Infused Honey

Creamed Honey small

Creamed Honey Large









Plastic Container

3lb Squeeze

2lb Squeeze

1lb Squeeze

8 oz Bear





Other sizes

Cut Comb

Honey Straws


Price Varies

$.50 - 10/$4

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* Honey Is sold by Weight glass jar sizes in liquid oz are for reference only

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