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Pirate Hat Apiary offers a wide range of services ranging from those listed below to consulting and mentoring for people interested in learning more about beekeeping.We also offer a "Host" program where hives are placed on your property and we maintain them and you receive a portion of the honey produced.

Honey Bee Removal


As much as we need bees they just sometimes decide to make a home where they arent welcome.


Pirate Hat Apiary provides removal services of these unwanted colonies. We are beekeepers not a pest control company so the bees are removed in a gentle and safe manner and relocated to one of our apiary sites to continue their existance in a more suitable environment.

Prices for removal services vary based on the complexity of the job and many other factors. Please call for a quote.

Swarm Capture and Relocation


Honey Bees reproduce naturally by "swarming".  The old queen takes about half the hive with her and leaves several "daughter" queens behind to lead the old colony. The swarm and queen move away from the colony and begins their search for a new home. This is by far the easiest time to "capture" the bees and insure they end up in a proper hive to be cared for and not in the walls, ceiling, or roof of someones home. There is no charge for swarm removal within a 20 mile radius of Key Lago. Further away a mileage charge is applied.

Products from the Hive

Raw Florida Keys Wildflower Honey

Beeswax Candles

Body Lotions

Hand crafted soaps

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