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From Bee Removals and Rescues to Local Florida Keys Wildflower Honey to artisinal soaps and body products which incorporate honey and beeswax into the recipes Pirate Hat Apiary truly is "ALL THINGS BEES"


Pirate Hat Apiary started out as a foray into a new "hobby" but quickly grew into a passion to protect and save the honeybee.


Our modern lifestyle is truly dependent on the European honey bee. Although these little ladies are technically an invasive species to North America they have integrated themselves into the biosphere in such a way that their decline could have serious impacts on our way of life. Pressures from environmental change as well as man made threats are affecting honey bee populations across the country. We here at Pirate Hat are doing our part to rescue bees where we can and provide these colonies, which would otherwise have perished, a safe place to "do their thing" and continue to provide vital polination services as well as produce some of the finest honey to be found anywhere on the planet.

We provide hive removal services as well as swarm relocations from South Miami to Marathon in the Florida Keys. Additionally we offer local Florida Keys Honey and artisan crafted body products for sale. Please contact us for rates and availability.

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